A 1-day gathering for women who are working for the good of the world.

A gathering for entrepreneurial-minded women who are using their gifts, skills and talents to make the world a better place. Join us for our very first East Coast event where we will be exploring what it looks like to “create meaningful work”. We will be diving into the idea of work not being a career, but how we find and create meaning in this world. How can we create meaningful work in the world for good and encourage others around us to use their work for good? How can we use what we have to spread more love, kindness and goodness during these difficult times? We can’t wait to dive in!

A 1-day electric gathering filled with speakers, interractive experiences, artists, panelists, a mini Do-Good Goods Marketplace, and consciously curated goodie bag worth $200!

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Our NY Speakers & Panelists


How to Build a Brand Worth Caring About

Research shows that 70% of the world’s top, global brands wouldn’t be missed by their customers if they were to disappear tomorrow. This means our marketing industry is utterly failing. So what are the other 30% doing right? In a world where brands have more influence over the culture than governments, Viktoria talks about how to build a meaningful brand worth caring about. 

Creativity in Service to Others

We'll discuss making personal work for a public audience: How we can use our stories, flaws, and unique perspectives to connect with and empower a wider audience.  

The Business of Being Female

It’s amazing to see so many socially- and environmentally-conscious companies spearheaded by women right now. We'll be talking advice for women who want to start their own business with a sustainability-minded ethos.

Covering topics such as:

Scaling your company while staying true to your values Selling through E-commerce vs. Physical Space Women supporting women Self care and self love while running a business




9:00 AM Conference Begins 

9:15 AM Conference Kick Off Created & Choreographed by JC and Allison Schuster 

9:35 AM Meditation Moment with Cassandra Bianco 

9:45 AM Jacqui Lewis 

10:30 AM Vik Harrison 

11:15 AM Morning break 

11:50 AM Vera Leung 

12:35 PM Lunch 

1:45 PM Female Founders Panel 

2:35 PM Attendee Activity 

3:15 PM Afternoon Break 

4:00 PM Mari Andrew in Conversation with Rachael Baxter 

5:00 PM Attendee Cocktail hour with Dry Farm Wines



Tucked among five distinct Brooklyn neighborhoods – Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boreum Hill, and Park Slope – 501 Union has become a hub for the community to gather, celebrate, educate, and learn. The building dates back to 1916 and once served as a classic car restoration shop. It was transformed into a private events venue in 2013 and now provides a unique backdrop for stylish weddings, corporate events, and photo shoots.

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