"In my life, there's a marked 'before Yellow Conference' and 'after Yellow Conference' "


We believe work isn't a career. It's how you find and create meaning in this world.

Coming from a variety of disciplines, 500 women gather together from all over the world every year at Yellow Conference to learn from social good trailblazers, connect with like-minded, innovative women and most importantly, connect with themselves and their unique purpose in the world. 2019 will mark our 6th Annual Conference in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. We can't wait!


Sounds like fun, but is this for me?

This is an event for women with big dreams and even bigger hearts.  

If you're on a journey to align who you are with the work that you do, if you're looking to build something that goes deeper than a career, if you have a desire to make an impact for good on the world through your work, if you're trying to figure out what it is you value and how to articulate your vision, if "success" looks different to you than a paycheck or a following on Instagram, if you've found yourself wondering how to find fulfilment and joy in your day to day work, if you've been searching for an inclusive and supportive community of women who don't compete with, but support each other- The Yellow Conference is for you.  

Learn from leaders in the social good space who have aligned who they are with the work that they do and are creating waves of good echoing throughout the world. 

We're not kidding when we say The Yellow Conference changes people's lives. Come to experience a conference with a conscience you'll forever hold close to your heart.  


"No workshop, conference, event or coaching session has ever impacted me the way my 2 days at Yellow did." 

"A truly spiritual experience."  

"The speakers, the leadership, the community - it is a treasure." 

"I attended the first Yellow Conference and in the past six years it was the best thing I have done for myself and for my business."


ETHICALLY CURATED GOODIE BAG This isn't just any conference goodie bag, this is a bag filled with world changing products. We take what brands we put in front of you very seriously, and bring each brand through our own curation processs before putting them in front of you. Everything down to the bag the products are held in, is making an impact for good. We've been able to provide work for hundreds of women across the globe through our goodie bag alone.

MOTHERS ROOM Welcome all mamas! This year we have a room just for you. A space for both current and curious mamas to rest and relax amongst Yellow-approved products, snacks and experiences created with you in mind. A space to pump, nurse (newborns are welcome!), and breathe.

THE WELLNESS LOFT Two days of conferencing is no joke! Lucky for you we have a variety of wellness experiences curated with the Yellow Attendee in mind. Sit back and take a breather, get some work done, or join us for a sound bath amidst the noise of the conference. Pamper your outer self while you connect with your inner self.

A COMMUNITY OF WOMEN WORKING FOR GOOD We always say the best thing about Yellow is the women who are a part of this community. From women running small do-good businesses, to women running large scale social enterprises and non-profits, to creatives and artists to mothers and teachers. What brings together the women in the Yellow community is their commitment to aligning their heart with their work, and in doing so, making the world a better place. Connect with these amazing women at Yellow!

BREAKOUT SESSIONS Learn on a deeper level. Dive into a variety of topics surrounding subjects such as aligning your business with your values, deepening and developing your leadership skills, social media marketing for good, fair-trade / organic / B-Corp certification and more. Specifics sessions to be announced.

THE DO-GOOD GOODS MARKETPLACE Join us for our annual ethically curated marketplace. This marketplace is filled with brands who are making the world a better place. It's the perfect place to get that holiday shopping crossed off your list early!


WHY CAPTIONS MATTER How to foster authentic relationships with your audience through compelling and narrative content. 

Instagram is a visual platform, but an image can only say so much. We have an amazing opportunity to couple our IMAGES with STORYTELLING, making our messages 6x more powerful and memorable. Stories literally change the CHEMICAL responses in our brains.Your message, your caption, YOUR STORY.. needs to be VERY CLEAR in EACH POST. Want to know HOW to create compelling and AUTHENTIC stories to really CONNECT with your audience? This session is for you!  

Session Led by Officially Quigley // Thursday

Enneagram & Communication Styles In this interactive session, learn from a team-development coach how to talk and listen to different Enneagram personality types using the framework of Intelligence Centers. There will be lots of audience engagement, demonstrations, and laughs!

The Enneagram is a powerful, ancient tool for personal transformation and growth. In this workshop, we'll be diving into the intelligence centers of the enneagram and how knowing yourself is the key to leading others. This workshop will work best with prior knowledge of the enneagram and your number.

Session Led by Ashlee Sikorski // Friday

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Are Crowdfunding Starting a business but not sure how to fund it? Learn how to get your business off the ground through crowdfunding.

Named by NASDAQ as one of the top places for female entrepreneurs to raise capital, iFundWomen is widely recognized as the crowdfunding industry leader for female founders and creators. Whether you're a B2B, B2C, B2B2C, a side hustle, a passion project, or a non-profit, you will learn how to launch & grow your business through a successful crowdfunding campaign.  

Session Led by iFundWomen // Thursday

Break Your Brain How to change your current habits and dive into a life that is truly aligned with who you are and what you value.

Jon Roberts and Janet Wood are executive coaches with Novus Global who work with top entrepreneurs, creatives, and executives across the globe. They work with teams and leaders to achieve aggressive goals and go beyond high performance. Join them for this 45-minute experiential session where they will invite you to explore what you are truly capable of and what that could mean for your life and work.

Session Led by Jon Roberts and Janet Wood // Thursday

Align Your Business with Your Values Panel Learn and hear from these do-good brands on how they've incorporated their values of creating change in the world into their business model.

Join the Founder of The Good Trade AmyAnn Cadwell as she moderates a panel filled with powerhouse women who are doing good and creating change in the world through the channel of business.

Panel Hosted by The Good Trade // Thursday Session

Soundbath Meditation A time of relaxation and meditation in the midst of a busy conference. Come get some well deserved R&R and process all you've been learning during this special breakout session.

A sound bath is a surprising and delightful experience of a deep journey into sacred sound. You lie down and feel a refreshing bath of vibration, including planetary tuned gongs, singing bowls and a wide variety of other ancient sound-healing instruments. Once the room is engulfed with this ancient cosmic vibration, everyone will take part in a journey they will not soon forget.  

Session Led by Unplug Meditation // Thursday & Friday Session

Meet our 2019 Yellow Conference Speakers

Liz Forkin Bohannon Founder of Sseko Designs, Author & Speaker


Barrett Ward Founder & CEO of ABLE 


Live Podcast Recording with Ruthie Lindsey & Miles Adcox of The Unspoken Podcast 


Blythe Hill CEO and Founder of the Dressember Foundation


Terces Engelhart Founder of Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre 


Emcee: Ingrid Gonzalez Entrepreneur, Storyteller and Coach


Breakout Panel Moderated by: AmyAnn Cadwell Founder of The Good Trade 


Breakout Session Lead by: Quigley (aka Casey Potter Carlson Goode) Digital Content Creator


Panelist: Lindsay Dahl SVP Social Mission at Beautycounter


Breakout Session Lead by: Zeina Muna Director of Business Development at iFundWomen


Panelist: Elena Lécué EVP Marketing & E-commerce, Gaia Herbs


Breakout Session Lead by: Janet Wood Executive Coach and Associate Partner at Novus Global


Breakout Session Lead by: Jon Roberts Executive Coach, Partner and Director of Development at Novus Global


Performance by: Marisa Hamamoto Founder, CEO, Artistic Director, Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company


OUR 2019 THEME: ALIGN •• We at Yellow believe that work isn’t a career, it’s how you find and make meaning in this world. Our work should be an expression of who we are, what we value and what we care about. What we do for work takes up the majority of our day- and when what we do is out of line with who we are, we feel that disconnection on a soul level. Our theme for this year’s Yellow Conference is addressing this concept. How can we take our work, our businesses, our actions, our relationships, and better ALIGN them with our values, what we care about, and who we are? The 2019 theme for Yellow Conference: ALIGN.


THURSDAY • DAY 1 (Schedule and Speaker line up subject to change) 

8:00am: Doors Open

9:00am: Let's get this party started! We've got some exciting surprises planned for you as we kick off our conference!

10:00: Liz Forkin Bohannon


11:00: Terces Engelhart

11:45: Lunch Lunch avaliable to purchase ahead of time provided by Lemonade & Sweetfin. Shop our Do-Good Goods Marketplace, get a facial in the Wellness Loft, or take a break in the Mothers Room!

2:00: B R E A K O U T S E S S I O N S

2:45: Break Snacks, coffee, Do-Good Goods Marketplace and Welless Loft are open! 

3:30: Vera Leung


4:15: Morgan Harper Nichols

5:00: Wine Time Join us for natural wines by Dry Farm Wines, bites by Beyond Meat and time to shop our ethical Do-Good Goods Marketplace! 


FRIDAY • DAY 2 (Schedule and Speaker line up subject to change)  

8:00am: Doors Open

9:00am: Kicking off Day 2! Another suprise filled day for Day 2!

9:45: Barrett Ward  

10:30: Community Activity


11:15: Blythe Hill

12:00: Lunch Lunch avaliable to purchase ahead of time provided by Lemonade & Sweetfin. Shop our Do-Good Goods Marketplace, get a facial in the Wellness Loft, or take a break in the Mothers Room!  

2:00: B R E A K O U T S E S S I O N S  

2:45: Break Snacks, coffee, Do-Good Goods Marketplace and Welless Loft are open!  

3:30: LaRayia Gaston


4:15: Unspoken Live Podcast Recording




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