After a few years of running large annual conferences and experiencing the power of women coming together in-person, we knew there was something deeper we could offer our community of world-changing women. 

A large conference is amazing, inspiring and leaves you ready to change the world (we're BIG fans)- but an intimate gathering with 10-15 women coming together under a specific and tangible topic brings a certain type of magic that a large conference can't provide. This is why we're so excited to be bringing you 6 different unique, intimate and practical rereats throughout 2019. 

We hope you'll join us to not only learn specific and tangible skill to help you create meaningful work, but to build relationships and create magic with like-minded women who have a genuine desire to use their gifts, skills and talents to serve the greater good.

Soloprenuer Retreat in New Mexico • March 7th-10, 2019

We’re headed to the beautiful and enchanted desert of New Mexico to dive into an intentional weekend of learning, community and self care with a group of solopreneurs.  

Coached and lead by Creative Director and Founder of Design Agency We Are Branch, Shauna Haider and the Yellow Co. team will be spending a long weekend jumping into the coaching, tools, knowledge, resources and community our attendees need to run and scale a successful freelance business. All while building new friendships with like minded women and adventuring through the beautiful desert of New Mexico!

During our long weekend retreat, we will be going over content such as: • Mission, Vision & Figuring out what you want out of your soloprenuer venture • Creating a successful pricing structure • Attracting and sustaining your dream clients • Solopreneur marketing best practices • How and when to hire • Self Care & Time Management • How to manage a remote team and/or client base

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Social Entreprenuer Retreat in Bali • Feb 17th-24, 2019

Come with us to the beautiful beaches of Bali as we dive into so much more more than just the coral reef filled water :). 

Lead by social enterprise Founder of 31 Bits, Jessie Simonson and Founder of Yellow Co, Joanna Waterfall, we will be spending a week jumping into the coaching, tools, knowledge, resources and community you need to start, build or scale your do-good business. All while building new friendships with like minded women and adventuring through beautiful island of Bali.

Our goal with this retreat is to help you move from the beginning phases of your do good business to a developed business plan with clear next steps on how to grow and scale your social enterprise, all on a beautiful island with a group of like minded women supporting you and cheering you on.  

Practical & Tangible

We've themed each of our retreats to target a specific attendee, so we can offer specific value! We guarentee you'll walk out of these retreats not only with a heartfelt experience, but tools, resources and coaching that will practically help you move from A to B and create more impactful, meaningful wo

Relationally Based

Along with the tangible coaching and resouces you'll be recieving, we intentionally integrate relational and community building exercises into every retreat. Aimed to help you better connect with the women around you as well as yourself, When you're healthy relationally, you have the power to put more impactful work into the world!

Mindfully & Physically Adventurous

We aren't going to take you to a beautiful place and not exlore what's around us! Each retreat intentionally incorporates exciting activities and adventures. Exploring art, culture, nature and beauty of the spaces we're temporarily inhabiting. 

"If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known."  

~ Matthew Arnold, 1800s